Builders and Property Developers


At TopEdge Accounting, we understand that builders have a lot on their plates. They have to spend many hours undertaking and completing building projects of all types and sizes, leaving precious little time for managing their cash flow and financial obligations. Fortunately, the skilled team at TopEdge Accounting can provide professional assistance to alleviate their burdens and help them succeed.

Our specialists are highly trained and experienced, allowing us to help struggling builders with their bookkeeping and administration responsibilities. This includes, GST, BAS and tax payments to ensure you’re paying only what you have to, and saving you money where possible. Our knowledge of the building industry can make the difference between struggling and thriving.

Property Developers

Property development can be a complicated process that involves many different activities. This includes renovating and re-leasing existing buildings, purchasing vacant land and sub-division, and much more. At TopEdge Accounting, our specialists can help developers coordinate these activities and fulfil their financial obligations to ensure the project proceeds smoothly and without problems.

We’re fully capable of financing deals, obtaining public approval, developing the design of the building, and organising the development process. We’re ready, willing and able to undertake the challenge and tackle the risk given the potential rewards. Our team works closely with a wide range of professionals to achieve the best possible outcome. This includes engineers, architects, surveyors, contractors, leasing agents and solicitors.

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